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Spatially enable lists containing coordinate data

SharePoint lists can contain columns that store the geographic location of each item as latitude and longitude. Spatially enabling such lists so they can display on the Map Web Part requires adding and configuring a new Esri Maps Location type column in the list. Once the Esri Maps Location field has been added, the list can be added to the Map Web Part; you do not need to run the entire Esri Maps Locate workflow.

Adding an Esri Maps Location field to a list

To add an Esri Maps Location field to a list, complete the following steps:

  1. Open the list. On the List tab, click List Settings.

    List Settings

    The List Settings page appears.

  2. Click Create column located below the Columns section.

    List Settings page

    The Create Column page appears.


  3. Specify a name for the column and click Esri Maps Location. A new section, specific to creating a location field, appears at the bottom of the page.
  4. In this section, click the Choose spatial reference link if the spatial reference differs from World Geodetic Survey (WGS) 1984.

    Choose spatial reference

  5. Choose the fields containing each item's latitude (y-coordinate) and longitude (x-coordinate) using the drop-down menus, and click OK.

    Location settings

    Once the Esri Maps Location field has been added, the list is ready to be added to the map.