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Share a layer on ArcGIS

Sharing your Esri Maps for SharePoint layers to ArcGIS is a quick and easy way to share information with others in your organization or in the ArcGIS public community. You can share individual layers or the entire map.

When you share a layer, a hosted feature service is created on ArcGIS, where you can do more work on it.

  1. Sign in to ArcGIS if you are not already signed in. For more information, see Sign in to ArcGIS.
  2. Click the Contents tab to display the Contents pane.
  3. In the Contents pane, click the Settings icon to the right of the layer you want to share.
  4. Click Share layer. Note that publishing may take several minutes depending on the amount of data in your layer.

    Share layer will only be visible if you've selected a layer that can be shared on ArcGIS. Layers you create with data from your business system can be shared on ArcGIS. Layers you've added using the Search cannot be shared.

    Once the map has published successfully, a message appears telling you it has successfully published. Click OK to close the message.

  5. Specify a title, tags, and a description for the layer and choose whether to share it with everyone (public), your organization, or any groups to which you belong.
  6. Click Share.