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The samples listed below demonstrate basic extensibility functionality available with Esri Maps for SharePoint. Each sample is already in the required extension pack format; download the ZIP file and add it according to the instructions in Add extensions.

Basic Extension Pack

This sample demonstrates configuring an extension pack with a custom tool and a behavior.

  • A custom tool that displays a message in the alert dialog box when the tool is clicked
  • A custom behavior that displays a message in the alert dialog box on a map click event

Measure widget

This sample demonstrates configuring widgets from the ArcGIS API for JavaScript. The measurement widget is displayed in the Map Contents pane. Esri Maps for SharePoint already contains a Measure tool by default; therefore, this sample demonstrates how to include a premade widget in the app.

Constrain extent

This sample demonstrates a behavior that constrains the map extent to a certain geographic location.

Redfin Search

This sample demonstrates integration with the Redfin real estate listing search. This tool is designed to reside on the pop-up toolbar. This tool works with point layers in the map.

SharePoint communication via the JavaScript Client Object Model

This sample contains a Hello World sample to demonstrate communication with SharePoint via the JavaScript Client Object Model. See the JavaScript API reference for SharePoint 2013 or the JavaScript Class Library (SharePoint 2010) for more information.

This sample applies to SharePoint on-premises only.

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