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The Map Contents panel

The Map Contents panel is a central component of the ArcGIS Map Web Part. The Map Contents panel displays the list of layers contained in the map, and you can use it to toggle layer visibility on and off. By default, the panel also shows the symbols used for each layer.

Layers in map contents panel

In the preceding screen capture, notice that the Cities layer is highlighted. This indicates that it is the selected layer. The selected layer determines the context for the tools on the Layer and Symbols tabs, as well as the attributes in the attribute table. Put another way, with the Cities layer selected, any tools on the Layer tab or the Symbols tab—such as the Rename button or the Transparency slider—operate on the Cities layer. Also, the attribute table shows tabular data from the selected layer.

To show the Map Contents panel, click the Map Contents button on the Map tab of the web part's ribbon.

Map Contents button

Configuring the Map Contents panel

The Map Contents panel can display symbology for layers. Legend configuration includes the following display mode options:

  • Contents—Both layer visibility check boxes and layer symbology (legend) are included.
  • Layer list—Only layer visibility check boxes are included; layer symbology is not.
  • Legend—Only layer symbology is included; layer visibility check boxes are not.

Map Contents legend example

Additional Map Contents configuration options include specifying which layers to include in the Map Contents, whether to show the basemap layer, and the ability to show only the layers visible at the current scale.

To configure the Map Contents panel, click Configure Map Contents at the bottom of the Map Contents panel. In the Configure Map Contents dialog box, choose the Layer Display Mode, check the check box for any desired options, and specify layers to be excluded from the Map Contents. Click Done when you are finished.

Configure Map Contents dialog box