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The Map Center

The Map Center allows you to open web maps from ArcGIS Online in the ArcGIS Map Web Part. The Map Center provides an easy-to-use interface to search for maps and groups. The Map Center provides access to Featured Maps, maps you have created (My Maps), and maps within groups to which you belong (Groups).

To access the Map Center, click the Map Center button on the Application tab of the ArcGIS Map Web Part ribbon.

Map Center button

The Map Center appears, hiding the map.

ArcGIS Map Center Featured Maps

There is a variety of ways to find maps that others have created and made available:

  • View Featured Maps, which is a collection of maps that Esri has chosen to highlight.
  • Search for maps and groups using keywords.
  • Open a group to see the list of maps available in the group.

If you sign in to ArcGIS Online using your Esri Global Account, you can view and open secure (non-public) web maps. Once signed in, the Map Center provides access to the maps you've created on the My Maps tab. The Groups tab lists the groups you own and those you have joined.