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The attribute table

Layers that are rendered on the client populate the attribute table in the bottom panel of the ArcGIS Map Web Part. This includes ArcGIS Server feature layers, geoRSS layers, and graphics layers. Each layer can be configured to specify the fields included in the attribute table along with their display names.

Open the attribute table

Click the Table button of the View group on the Layer tab of the ArcGIS Map Web Part ribbon to display the Attribute table for the selected layer.

Table button on ribbon

To configure attribute table fields for a layer, complete the following steps.

  1. Open the Map Contents panel and select the desired layer. For instructions, see The Map Contents Panel.
  2. Open the attribute table to view the layer's fields and field names.
    Attribute table
  3. Locate the Table button in the Configure group of the Layer tab on the web part's ribbon, and click the Table button to open the configuration table.
    Configure Table

Table configuration options

The columns and button on the Table configuration dialog box are described in the following table:


Visible column

When the check box is checked, the field will be displayed in the table. When unchecked, the field will not appear in the table.

Name column

The name of the field in the underlying data. This value is not displayed in the table and the field is not editable.

Alias column

The name of the field as it is displayed in the table. This field is editable.

Clear All button

Unchecks all the check boxes in the Visible field. When all are unchecked, the button caption will change to Select All, which will, when clicked, check all the boxes in the Visible field.