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Service details

The layer types that are supported in the ArcGIS Map Web Part include ArcGIS Server map services, layers within ArcGIS Server dynamic map services, and ArcGIS image services. You can get information about a specific layer by clicking the Service Details icon on the ribbon.

The Service Details button opens the service endpoint (provided by the ArcGIS Server instance) for the selected map service or layer. For each service, a set of general properties are displayed. For map services, properties include the spatial extent, spatial reference (coordinate system), and supported operations. Additional information may be available depending on the layer type and information provided by the publisher of the service. See the Services Directory topic in the ArcGIS Server REST API help for more information.

Open the Map Contents panel and select the desired layer. Click the Service Details button in the View group on the Layer tab of the ribbon.

Service Details button
The service details open in a new browser window:
Cities service details