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Pop-up windows

The following layer types can have pop-up windows that display a feature's attributes: dynamic map services, layers within ArcGIS Server dynamic map services, cached map services, GeoRSS layers, graphics layers, and SharePoint list layers. For more information on the different layer types and their capabilities, see Layer types.

Pop-up windows in the ArcGIS Map Web Part

Pop-up windows can be configured to display when you hover over a feature (on-hover mode) or when the feature on the map is clicked (on-click mode). By default, pop-up windows display in on-click mode, which supports the ability to perform basic editing tasks (see Edit features) and the ability to drill down to display attributes from multiple layers in a single pop-up window. On-click pop-up windows and on-hover pop-up windows both support the ability to display specific attributes and user-friendly field names (aliases). On-hover mode is supported only for layers within ArcGIS Server dynamic map services and GeoRSS layers. Editing features is not supported in on-hover mode.

Pop-up windows in web maps

Web maps are maps created in ArcGIS Online that can be consumed by Esri Maps for SharePoint. When creating a web map, you can include a basemap, data layers, an extent, pop-up windows, a legend, a place finder, and so on (see What is ArcGIS Online? for more information). If a web map contains pop-up windows, the configuration of that pop-up window, including attribute lists, descriptions, charts, and so on, is respected in the Map Web Part. If you want to change the configuration of the pop-up window from the web map, use the following steps:

  1. Select the applicable layer in the Contents pane.
  2. Click Pop-Ups on the Layer tab of the ribbon. Uncheck the Use pop-up definition from web map check box. Configure the pop-up window as necessary.
    Pop-Ups menu
  3. If you want to change back to the original pop-up window configuration from the web map, check the Use pop-up definition from web map check box on the Pop-Ups menu. Note that your current configuration will be lost by relinking to the pop-up window definition from the web map.

    If the web map contains an editable layer, you can enable editing for that layer (see Edit features for more information) and the editing functionality will be available in the pop-up window.

Configuring pop-up windows

This section describes the configuration options for pop-up windows for layers that support pop-up windows in on-hover mode and on-click mode. Configuration options include whether to display the pop-up windows on click or on hover, which fields to display, which field to use as the pop-up header, and the specification of user-friendly field names (aliases).

  1. Open the Contents panel. For instructions, see Map Contents panel.
  2. Select the layer in the Map Contents panel.
    Selected layer
  3. Click Pop-Ups on the Layer tab of the Map Web Part ribbon to open the pop-up window's configuration table.
    Pop-Ups configuration

    If the selected layer is a dynamic map service, you will have the option to enable pop-up windows on a per-layer basis.

    Configure pop-up windows on map service

    The controls shown on the pop-up windows configuration dialog box are described in the following table.

    Pop-up configuration settings


    Disable pop-ups button

    Click the Disable pop-ups button at the top of the dialog box to disable all pop-up windows.

    Header field

    Select from the list of available fields to specify the header for pop-up windows.

    Visible field

    When the check box is checked, the field displays in the pop-up window. When unchecked, the field will not appear in the pop-up window.

    Name field

    The name of the field in the originating table. The value is not displayed in the pop-up window and the field is not editable.

    Alias field

    The name of the field as it displays in the pop-up window. This field is editable.

    Clear All button

    Uncheck all the check boxes in the Visible field. When all are unchecked, the button caption changes to Select All, which will, when clicked, check all the check boxes in the Visible field.

  4. Click anywhere to close the pop-up window configuration dialog box. If you have specified to show pop-up windows on click, the pop-up window displays as shown when you click features in the map.
    On-click pop-up window