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Layer auto updates

SharePoint list layers on your map can be configured to stay up-to-date automatically. Auto update requeries the data underlying a layer and allows you to automatically see changes when layer or table contents have changed. You can enable updating when the map is panned or zoomed or automatically poll for updates at a specified time interval. Auto updates can be enabled on feature layers, geoRSS layers, dynamic map service layers, and SharePoint list layers.

To configure auto updates, complete the following steps:

  1. Open the Map Contents panel. For instructions, see The Map Contents panel.
  2. Select the layer to configure.
  3. Click the Layer tab of the ArcGIS Map Web Part to locate the Auto Updates group. There are two check boxes that control automatic updates for layers typically shown in the Auto Updates group.
    Auto Updates check boxes
    • Check Update when map is panned or zoomed to cause the layer to update to the latest data when the user interacts with the map by panning or zooming.
    • Check Poll for updates to cause Esri Maps for SharePoint to check for updates at the interval that has been set in the number box and drop-down menu items below the check box.