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Find nearby features

The Find Nearby tool allows you to find features in a layer within a specified distance of a selected feature or features. For example, if you have a Cities layer and an Airports layer, you could select a city from the Cities layer, then use the Find Nearby tool to locate features (airports) from the Airports layer within a specified distance of the selected city.

To find nearby features, complete the following steps:

  1. Select a feature on the map for use in the find nearby analysis. The Find Nearby tool will not be enabled until a feature is selected. See Select features for more information.
  2. Click the Find Nearby button in the Selection group of the Layer tab on the ArcGIS Map Web Part ribbon.
    Find Nearby button
  3. On the Find Nearby dialog box, select the layer to query from the Layer drop-down list.
  4. Enter a distance in the Distance text box.
    Find Nearby dialog box
  5. Select the distance unit type from the drop-down list.
    Find Nearby distance unit drop-down list
  6. Click Find. This adds two new layers to the map: one containing all the features retrieved by the query and one containing the buffer that encompasses those features.
    Find Nearby result