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Filter layers

Filtering a layer provides a means of asking questions about the features of an ArcGIS Server feature layer you have added to the map. When filtering a layer, only the features that meet the criteria specified by the filter are shown on the map. For example, you may want to specify a filter on a layer to display graffiti complaints within a specified district or city. In the ArcGIS Map Web Part, you can filter an ArcGIS Server feature layer so that only the features that meet the filter criteria are shown. To filter a layer, see the following steps:

  1. Open the Map Contents panel and select the layer to be filtered.
  2. Click the Filter button on the Layer tab of the ArcGIS Map Web Part ribbon.
    Filter layer button
  3. Click the Data tab to see a sampling of the data.
    Specify filter expression data sample
  4. On the Query tab, enter the filter expression and click OK to update the layer. For more information on filter expressions, see Building a query expression in the ArcGIS Desktop help.
    Filter with query expression