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Export feature attributes

The ArcGIS Map Web Part provides you with the ability to export the attributes of selected features to either a .csv or .txt file format (comma separated). The Export tool is contained in the Selection section of the Layer tab on the ribbon. The Export tool exports the field names and attribute values for the selected features as they are displayed in the attribute table. To change which fields are exported, configure the field visibility for the Attribute table. For information on selecting features, see Select features.

  1. Select the desired features using either the Select tool or Attribute table.
  2. Click the Export button on the Layer tab of the web part's ribbon.
    Export button
  3. Click the Click to export selection text on the Map Web Part to export the selection. To cancel the export operation, click Cancel.
    Click the screen to export selection
  4. In the Save As dialog box that appears, select the file location, enter a file name, select the file type, then click the Savebutton. The exported file will be available in the location specified.