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Configure the default map

Esri Maps for SharePoint includes two XML files used to initialize the default map for the ArcGIS Map Web Part and the Esri Maps Location Field. These files, named MapWebPartStartupMapDocument.xaml and LocationOnMapStartupMapDocument.xaml, are deployed to the Esri Maps Configuration Files document library within each site collection on which Esri Maps for SharePoint is activated. The default map can be modified by editing these XML files.

  1. Browse to the library containing the configuration file using the Quick Launch links or the Site Actions menu, and click View All Site Content.
  2. Under the Document Libraries heading, click Esri Maps Configuration Files.

    Esri Maps configuration files

  3. Check the MapWebPartStartupMapDocument.xaml or LocationOnMapStartupMapDocument.xaml item.
  4. Click the Documents tab on the ribbon and click Edit Document (check out the document if necessary).
  5. Click OK if the following warning displays:
    Warning message

    The MapWebPartStartupMapDocument.xaml file opens in your default XML editor.

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <e:Map xmlns=""
        <e:Envelope XMin="-16334576.8010418" YMin="699595.291282528" XMax="-6812752.83654833" YMax="7913098.29468664">
            <e:SpatialReference WKID="102100" />
      <e:ArcGISTiledMapServiceLayer Url="" esriExtensibility:Document.IsBaseMap="True" esriExtensibility:MapApplication.LayerName="Topographic"/>

  6. Make the necessary changes and save the file; for example, the element defining the basemap could be updated to define a different map service.

    Changes made to the MapWebPartStartupMapDocument.xaml file are only reflected in newly-added Map Web Parts. Existing Map Web Parts are not updated.

  7. Check the file back in to the Esri Maps Configuration Files library.