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Configure geometry services

The Geometry Services list determines the geometry service endpoint used by Esri Maps for SharePoint to perform geometric operations. This is used, for instance, by the Find Nearby tool and the ArcGIS Map Web Part to project list items to spatial references other than WGS84 (WKID 4326) and Web Mercator (WKID 102100).

The number of geometry services included in the list is static. You should not add or remove items to or from this list. However, you can edit the existing item to specify any ArcGIS Server geometry service. The following table describes the columns in the list:



The identifier for the geometry service list item.


The URL to the ArcGIS Server geometry service. If Esri Maps for SharePoint is unable to connect to the specified endpoint, it will attempt to use the ArcGIS Online geometry service.

Browsing to the Esri Maps Geometry Services

Like the other Esri Maps for SharePoint configuration lists and libraries, you can browse to the Geometry Services list in the Esri Maps Configuration Settings using the Esri Maps for SharePoint Administration links on the Site Settings page, as shown in the following steps:

  1. Browse to the Site Settings page of your site collection.
  2. Under the Esri Maps for SharePoint Administration heading, click Configuration Settings.

    Administration settings

  3. In the Configuration Settings list, click the hyperlink for the GeometryService item.
  4. Click Edit Item on the dialog box that appears.
  5. Make your changes and click Save.
    Save changes