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Configure ArcGIS Online

Esri Maps for SharePoint can be configured to point to Portal for ArcGIS or ArcGIS Online. Portal for ArcGIS provides you with the same collaboration and sharing tools as ArcGIS Online but differs in where it's hosted and what content is available to users. Portal for ArcGIS can be deployed behind your organization's firewall, or a private instance can be hosted and managed by Esri for your organization.

Esri Maps for SharePoint uses the endpoint specified (either Portal for ArcGIS or ArcGIS Online) to populate the Map Center and determine the appropriate location for the search functionality. If you specify a Portal for ArcGIS endpoint in the configuration file, the Map Center populates with maps contained in the portal, and the search functionality searches the portal endpoint instead of searching ArcGIS Online.

Editing the endpoint

The ArcGIS Online or Portal for ArcGIS endpoint used by Esri Maps for SharePoint is specified by the ArcGISConnection item in the Esri Maps Configuration settings. The configuration setting points to ArcGIS Online by default. To edit the endpoint used by Esri Maps for SharePoint, complete the following steps. When you edit the endpoint, this change applies to all Map Web Parts within the site collection containing the file you're editing.

  1. Browse to the Site Settings page of your site collection.
  2. Under the Esri Maps for SharePoint heading, click Configuration Settings.

    Administration settings

    The document library opens and displays the available configuration items.

  3. Click ArcGISConnection to open the item.
  4. On the form that appears, click Edit Item.
  5. Enter the appropriate information and click Save.