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Configure add-ins

Esri Maps for SharePoint allows you to develop functionality for the ArcGIS Map Web Part. To learn more about this capability, see Extend the Map Web Part. Custom functionality, referred to as add-ins, is packaged in a compiled Silverlight application or .xap file. To make add-ins available to the Map Web Part, Esri Maps for SharePoint provides a document library, named Esri Maps Extensions, where Map Web Part add-in packages are stored.

The Map Web Part provides two techniques for add-ins to expose functionality: commands and behaviors. Commands offer a way to plug logic into the ArcGIS Map Web Part that should be initiated by the user. Behaviors provide a way to surface logic that should be initiated as soon as the web part is loaded.

To get started with add-ins, the first step is to write and compile a command or behavior into a xap file. For information on creating a command, see Write commands. For information on creating a behavior, see Write map behaviors.

Making add-ins available to the ArcGIS Map Web Part

Making add-ins available to the ArcGIS Map Web Part requires adding the compiled Silverlight application that contains the add-in code to the Esri Maps Extensions document library as shown in the following steps:

  1. Browse to the Site Settings page of your site collection.
  2. Under the Esri Maps for SharePoint Administration heading, click the Legacy ArcGIS Mapping Settings link and click ArcGIS Mapping Extensions.
    Esri Maps for SharePoint Administration
  3. Click Add Document.

    The Upload Document form appears.

  4. Click Browse to open the Choose file to Upload form.
  5. Locate and select the .xap file containing the extension and click Open.
    Choose File to Upload dialog box

    The .xap file will be uploaded to the library. Once this is done, the commands and behaviors within the add-in package will be available when adding tools to ArcGIS Map Web Parts within the same site collection.