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Change the basemap

A basemap provides the geographic context for the content you want to display in a map. In the ArcGIS Map Web Part, the basemap of the current map is displayed at the bottom of the Map Contents panel. The Map Web Part's basemap gallery allows you to choose from several Esri basemaps that are hosted on ArcGIS Online. These basemaps include many options that mix roads, aerial, and topographic data with a variety of symbology. When using the ArcGIS Map Web Part you can choose from the existing maps or configure the basemap gallery to include your custom basemap.

The basemap used in the application is displayed at the bottom of layer list in the Map Contents panel. The basemap layer cannot be removed from the Map Contents panel, but you may set the basemap's transparency and choose to hide it from the map contents. For more information on showing or hiding the basemap layer in the map contents, see the Map Contents panel.

  1. Click the Basemap button in the Map group on the Application tab.

    The Basemap gallery appears.

    Basemap Gallery drop-down menu

  2. Click a basemap. The Map Web Part's basemap updates to reflect the selected item. All other content in the map will be unchanged.
  3. Click the Basemap button on the ribbon again to close the Basemap gallery.