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Add behaviors

Map behaviors provide a way to expose functionality in the ArcGIS Map Web Part that should always be enabled, for instance, to keep the map at a certain extent or automatically display a splash screen. Any behavior that has been added to the Esri Maps Extensions document library is available for you to add to your ArcGIS Map Web Part. For more information on writing custom tools and behaviors, see Write map behaviors.

  1. Begin by editing the Web Part.
    Edit Web Part option
  2. Click Behaviors in the Manage group on the Application tab of the Web Part ribbon.
    Behaviors in the Manage group

    The Manage Behaviors dialog box appears.

    Manage Behaviors dialog box

  3. Click Add on the Manage Behaviors dialog box. The Add Behavior dialog box appears.
  4. Type a title and select your behavior from the drop-down menu. Click OK.
    Add Behavior dialog box

    The behavior is added to the list in the Manage Behaviors dialog box. Click Close.

    Manage Behaviors dialog box with behavior enabled

  5. At the bottom of the properties pane to the right of the Web Part, click OK to save the Web Part. Once the page reloads, the behavior will be included.
    ArcGIS Map Web Part properties pane