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Create a default map

After Esri Maps for SAP BusinessObjects is installed and configured in your environment, designers can create dashboards augmented with maps. If your organization wants to standardize a template—or default—from which designers start creating maps, you can ask a designer to create the template using Esri Maps Designer.

When the default map has been configured, copy the map specification (accessed through Advanced > Show map specification in the map) and paste it in the appropriate sections of the defaultMap.json.txt file on your web server.

The defaultMap.json.txt file is located in <Tomcat installation directory>\webapps\em4bobj\em4bobj\dashb\dashb-bisprovider\defaults.


Specifying a default map in this way will override the Default Basemap setting in your ArcGIS organizational account. Be sure to make a backup of defaultMap.json.txt before copying the map specification into the file.