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View records

You can easily get detailed information about features on a map by viewing the feature layer's attribute table. Attribute information is only available for layers created from SAP Dashboards data and for feature service layers.

  1. Press the Show map contents button to display the Contents pane.
  2. On the Contents pane, press the arrow to the right of the business layer or feature service layer for which you want to view the attribute table.
  3. Press View records.

    Attribute information for the features in the layer appears in an attribute table.


    You can select features on the map by choosing corresponding records in the attribute table. Check the boxes for the records corresponding to the features you want to select. To view only the records for the features selected on the map, choose Selected from the View drop-down menu.


    You can use the attribute table to zoom to a specific feature in the map. See Zoom to a feature.