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Generate reports

You can create a report for a location or point on the map and save it to PDF or Excel format. You can specify report parameters to include values within a defined ring, a drive distance, or a specified amount of driving time. ArcGIS allows you to choose from a wide variety of reports that provide information about the area of your choice, such as Demographic and Income Profile, Executive Summary and Retail Goods, and Services Expenditures—detailed information available through Esri Demographics. Types of reports available depend on the demographic data available for the location on the map. You can use these reports to describe and gain a better understanding about the market, customers, and competition associated with your area of interest. Once you create a report, you can share it and send it to others.

You can create a report for point, line, or polygon features on the map, such as rivers, roads, pipelines, buildings, counties, or political subdivisions.

  1. Click on a feature on the map to display the pop-up.

    Feature pop-up

  2. Click the Create report button (Create report button).

    The Report parameters pane opens.

    Report parameters pane

  3. From the Select report drop-down list, choose the report you want to run.
  4. From the Format drop-down list, select the format for your report. Choose PDF or Excel.
  5. From the Show data for drop-down list, choose Ring, Drive times, or Drive distance.
  6. Specify the radius and units for your report. Choose miles, kilometers, feet, or meters.
  7. Click Create report.

    The generated report opens in a separate window. Depending on your default browser, you may need to specify whether to open the report file or to save it to a location on your system.