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Configure and display pop-ups

Pop-ups contain descriptive information about the features in each layer on the map. A pop-up displays a header (title) and attribute information based on the columns and rows in your data. Pop-ups display when you click a feature on the map. You can change the way information is presented in the pop-up by changing the header and specifying the fields to display.

Some layers from ArcGIS do not support configuring pop-ups. In these instances, the pop-up option will not be available on the layer's context menu.

Configure pop-ups

To configure pop-ups, do the following:

  1. In the Contents pane, click the More ( . . . ) button to the right of the layer for which you want to configure pop-ups and choose Pop-ups.
  2. Click the On/Off selector beside Pop-ups to turn on pop-up display.

    The pop-up configuration options appear in the pane.

  3. From the Header drop-down menu, choose the field you want to display as the header (title) of the pop-up.
  4. Below the Header menu, a table lists each field in your data. Check or uncheck the box beside each field to specify the information you want to display in the pop-up.
  5. Click OK when finished.

    When you click a feature on the map, the newly configured pop-up displays.

Display pop-ups

When pop-ups are configured, you can click any of the features on the map to display a pop-up. By default, the pop-up shows the list of attributes—or fields—in your data. The pop-up also contains several tools that allow you to work with the selected feature.

Example pop-up

The Previous and Next arrows, along with the feature counter, appear in the title bar of a pop-up when a map contains more than one layer because additional data was added from ArcGIS or Microsoft Excel. When you click a feature on a multi-layered map, the arrows allow you to scroll through features from each layer that intersect with the feature you clicked.

The toolbar at the bottom of the pop-up includes the following tools, listed in the order in which they appear on the toolbar:

  • Zoom to—Zooms directly to the selected feature.
  • Select row—Selects the row in the Excel spreadsheet that corresponds to the currently selected feature on the map.
  • Find nearby—Opens the Find nearby tool, which allows you to find features that are near the selected location. See Find nearby features.
  • Configure—Opens a Pop-up Configuration pane, allowing you to change the display options for the selected pop-up. Changes made here apply to all pop-ups on the current layer.
  • Attributes—Lists all the attributes specified in the pop-up configuration. Click this to return to the attribute table after viewing infographics.
  • Infographics—Displays graphical information about the areas around the selected feature. Infographics are visualizations that provide contextual information about the areas surrounding the features in your map. For more information, see View infographics.

  • Create report—Generates a report containing demographic data surrounding the selected feature on the map. For details, see Generate reports.