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Change the basemap

A basemap provides a background, or visual context, for the data in a map. For example, a basemap showing streets can provide context for your address data. ArcGIS includes several different types of basemaps for you to use in ArcGIS Maps for Office, including aerial imagery, terrain, streets, and topographic data.

When you first insert a map into your Excel worksheet, the map displays the default basemap for your organization. The default basemap displayed in the map is determined by your ArcGISadministrator. You can change the basemap at any time to one of the other basemaps that is provided, but a basemap is required on all maps and cannot be removed.

To change the basemap, do the following:

  1. Click the Select basemap button (Select basemap button) in the upper right corner of the map.

    The basemap gallery opens, showing a thumbnails of available basemaps.

  2. Click the desired basemap to select it.

    The map automatically displays the new basemap.