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Add layers from ArcGIS

ArcGIS Maps for Office works directly with the ArcGIS platform, allowing you to search for content within your organization and, if enabled by your administrator, search for public content published by the GIS community including Esri, local governments, and agencies around the world. Adding data from ArcGIS is a quick and easy way to add content to your map to complement your existing spreadsheet data. For example, you may have data showing proposed store locations and want to add a household income layer from ArcGIS for those areas to get a better understanding of the candidate site neighborhoods.

To add a layer from ArcGIS, do the following:

  1. Sign in to ArcGIS if you are not already signed in and add a map to your spreadsheet.
  2. From the Add data ribbon group on your map, choose From ArcGIS.
  3. Search for a layer to add to the map in any of the following ways:
    • Type one or more keywords in the search field and press Enter (or click the magnifying glass) to search all of ArcGIS. If desired, click My organization to narrow your results to layers that have been shared within your organization.
    • Choose one of the popular search categories to browse available maps and services from Esri within that category.
  4. Check the Zoom to data check box if you want the map to zoom to the full extent of the data you add.
  5. Find the service you want and click the Add button beside it.

    A layer containing the data is added to the map and is listed in the Contents pane.