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Work with maps

Once you've added a map to your spreadsheet you have a number of tools available to manage those maps.

Float and anchor maps

By default, maps are added to the spreadsheet as a floating map. Floating maps are windows outside of your Excel spreadsheet. Unlike earlier versions of Esri Maps for Office, with floating maps you can scroll through your spreadsheet data without losing sight of your map. You can move floating maps to other monitors, use the Arrange Maps tool to automatically arrange them on the screen, or minimize them to get them out of the way. A dark green title bar indicates your map is floating.

If you prefer to have a map embedded in a specific location in a spreadsheet, you can anchor a floating map using the down arrow in the upper left corner of the map. Anchored maps will have a light green title bar to indicate they are no longer floating. Anchored maps can be useful when creating dashboards that have a structured layout within a worksheet. Anchored maps can not be minimized in the same way a floating map can, but the alternative is to use the Collapse button to minimize the footprint of the map. To return an anchored map to a floating state, use the Float map button.

Find maps

We've made it easy to get back to the great maps you make. You can use the Go to Map tool on the Esri Maps ribbon to browse or search for the maps in your workbook. Thumbnail images of your maps will be displayed in the Go to Map dialog box. The name of the map and, if the map is anchored, the name of the worksheet it is anchored within will be shown below the thumbnail. To search for a specific map, type the name of the map in the search box and the list of thumbnails will be filtered as you type.

An image of the Go to Map dialog box.

Arrange maps

Use the Arrange Maps tool on the Esri Maps ribbon to quickly layout your floating maps. The Arrange Maps tool will arrange your floating maps alongside your Excel window to quickly give you a view of all your maps and your spreadsheet data. By default the windows will be tiled. Occasionally when there are several maps and not much screen space the windows will cascade in the desktop area next to your spreadsheet.