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This is an archive related to a previous version of ArcGIS Maps for Office. If you need the current version go to

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ArcGIS Online is Esri's cloud-based, collaborative content management system that lets organizations manage their geographic information in a secure and configurable environment. If you are an ArcGIS Online organization administrator, you can invite users by creating logins for members or letting the members create their own logins. If you are a member of an ArcGIS Online organization, your organization's administrator has granted you either user or publisher permissions for ArcGIS Online. With user permissions, you can add items, create web maps, and participate in groups. With publisher permissions, you have privileges to publish hosted feature services, and is the required role for sharing layers and maps from Esri Maps for Office to ArcGIS Online. If you are unsure as to your role, please contact your organization's administrator or view your profile page. The profile page lists your role in the organization. See Managing your profile for more information.

To get started using Esri Maps for Office, sign in to ArcGIS using the login provided to you by your organization's administrator:

Sign in to ArcGIS

  1. Click the Sign In button on the Esri Maps tab.
    ArcGIS Sign In button
  2. Enter your ArcGIS Online user name and password in the dialog box that appears. Check the Keep me signed in check box if you want to store your credentials on the local computer. If you choose Keep me signed in you will not need to enter your credentials after clicking Sign in in the future.
    ArcGIS sign in dialog box