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Share a layer

Sharing your Excel layers to ArcGIS is a quick and easy way to share information with others in your organization or the ArcGIS public community. You can share both individual Excel layers and the entire map. When you share a layer, a feature service is created on ArcGIS. You can continue working with the layer on ArcGIS or you can easily add the layer to a PowerPoint slide.

  1. Select (highlight) the desired layer in the Contents pane in the map window.

  2. Click the Share Layer button on the map ribbon. The Share Layer button will only be enabled if you have selected a layer that can be shared. Layers you create from your Excel data can be shared to ArcGIS. Layers you have added via the Search functionality cannot be shared.
  3. In the Share layer panel, specify a title, tags, and a description for the layer and choose whether to share it with Everyone (public), your organization, or any groups to which you belong.
  4. Click Share to publish the layer.
  5. If you make changes to the shared layer and want those changes to be available on ArcGIS Online (or Portal), select the layer in the map Contents and click the Update Shared Layer button in the map ribbon.