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Set the visible range of a layer

As you configure your map, you may find it appropriate to limit the levels at which layers display. These levels, or thresholds, allow you to specify that certain layers should only display when you zoom to the level of a neighborhood or city, or that a layer only displays when you zoom to the level of an entire region or country.

This process of setting the visible range of a layer can be particularly useful for ensuring that only the relevant data is displayed when zooming in and out to different levels in the map. For example, you may have a layer showing the locations of parks throughout a city. It would be appropriate to display the layer at a City level, but not at a Continent level. In this scenario, you would set the City level to be the maximum threshold at which the layer displays. As you zoom out past the City level, the parks layer no longer displays. Alternatively, you may have information such as state boundaries that only need to be shown at the Country level, but not when you have zoomed in closer to the City or Neighborhood levels. In this scenario, you would set the minimum threshold of the state boundaries layer to Country so that as soon as you zoom in past that level, the layer no longer displays. In other words, with a minimum threshold of Country, the state boundaries layer only displays when you have zoomed out to the Country level.

In the following screen shot, the Cities layer of the map is selected under the Layers heading. The Minimum threshold is set at Neighborhood and the Maximum threshold is set at Country. Therefore, the Cities layer will not display if the map is zoomed in below the Neighborhood level, or zoomed out past the Country level.

Visible Range dialog box

  1. Click the Visible Range button in the Layer section of the Esri Maps tab. The Visible Range dialog box appears.
    Visible Range button on the Esri Maps tab
  2. Select the desired layer under Layers in the Visible Range dialog box.
  3. Move the Minimum and Maximum sliders as desired.