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Activate a map in PowerPoint

Esri Maps for Office brings mapping into PowerPoint by allowing you to include maps from Excel or web maps from ArcGIS Online as dynamic slides within any PowerPoint presentation. Dynamic maps allow for zooming in and out, moving around the map, and displaying pop-ups with additional information about features when you hover the mouse pointer over them. This topic discusses interacting with a dynamic map while your slides are in Presentation mode.

  1. Add a dynamic map slide to your PowerPoint presentation as specified in Add a map to a PowerPoint slide. Specifically, be sure that you have checked the Make it Dynamic check box when creating the slide.
    Add map slides screen shot
  2. Press F5 to begin your PowerPoint presentation and navigate to the slide with the dynamic map.
  3. Click the Play button Play button to enter Live mode. Once in Live mode, you can click the Maximize button Maximize button to expand the map, click the Restore button Restore button to return to the previous viewing size, and interact with the map in the following ways:
    • Zoom in and zoom out—If you have a mouse with a scroll wheel, you can use that to zoom in and out. Otherwise, you can use the following keyboard commands: Shift+click and drag the mouse to zoom in or Ctrl+Shift+click and drag the mouse to zoom out.
    • Pan (move)—Click and hold, then drag to see other areas on the map.
    • Show pop-up—If pop-ups were enabled in the Web Map, you can view them by clicking features in the map. (Pop-ups show additional descriptive information about a feature.)
  4. Click the Stop button Stop button to exit Live mode.