The Community Maps contribution process

Contributing to Esri Community Maps is easy. The process is illustrated below and explained in the following sections.

Contribution process

Apply to Esri Community Maps

Organizations that want to join Esri Community Maps begin by using the online Community Maps Contributor App to provide relevant information, including their contact information, the area of interest (geography), and the type of map layers they intend to contribute. Once the application is complete, the Community Maps team will contact the organization to verify information and provide guidance on moving forward with the program.

Prepare your contribution

Before contributing to Community Maps, an organization needs to prepare its content to make sure that it will be uploaded successfully and published quickly. Data preparation steps will vary depending on what type of data (for example, basemap layers, elevation, imagery) an organization is contributing. Organizations that are contributing basemap data layers can find more detail in the Prepare your basemap data contribution help topic.

Upload your contribution

Once an organization's application is approved, the organization can provide the Community Maps team with the content it wants to contribute. Map data contributions that are 1 GB or smaller can be uploaded via the online Community Maps Contributor App. The Community Maps team will make alternate contribution upload arrangements for larger data contributions. Complete details on the data upload process can be found in the Upload a data contribution help topic.

Review your contribution

When a contribution is made to Esri Community Maps, the content undergoes a review for completeness, accuracy, and integration into the relevant ArcGIS Online basemaps. The contributing organization participates in this review, providing feedback and helping to resolve issues when necessary. The Community Maps data review and Community Maps map review help topics explain this process.

Publish your contribution

Once the review has been completed to the satisfaction of the Community Maps team and the contributor, the contribution is completed and the content is published in the relevant basemaps, where it can be leveraged by the contributor and other interested parties. Learn more in the Publish your Community Maps contribution help topic.