Two ways to contribute

There are two ways you can contribute to the Living Atlas: the Living Atlas Contributor App and the Community Maps Contributor App.

Your maps, apps, and data will be part of the best content available, reaching a broad audience and helping to build the GIS of the world.

Contribute maps and apps

Contribute data

Maps and apps, among other ArcGIS Online items, can be nominated for inclusion in the Living Atlas of the World, placing it among the best content in ArcGIS Online.

Types of maps and apps:

Web maps
An interactive representation of geographic data used to reveal insights.

A display of symbolized 3D content with a geospatial component on a map.

A focused program used to show geographic information in an effort to solve a problem.

Story maps
An application used to display geographic data and multimedia in order to tell a story.

Contents of a map that represent features in the real world. Can also be added to ArcGIS Open Data.

Authoritative data is contributed to the Living Atlas of the World through the Community Maps Program in an effort to build the best available maps on ArcGIS Online.

Types of data:

Referential vector data is integrated into the ready-to-use basemaps.

High-resolution, recent raster data enhances the imagery basemaps.

Topography and bathymetry data adds detail to the basemaps and derived elevation maps.

Hydrology and stream gauges
Add hydrologic data to water resource reference maps to create analysis tools.

Urban Observatory
An interactive collection of data that provides a deeper understanding of cities.