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What's new

The December release of Insights for ArcGIS is a software quality release that improves performance throughout the software, including improved error messages and functionality of existing features. There have also been updates to licensing in ArcGIS Online, which affect licensing in Insights.

Data tables

Data tables can be docked along the bottom of the page using the Dock buttonDock.


The December update of ArcGIS Online includes updated licensing, which affects Insights. If you are currently using Insights, then your licensing will be updated automatically and you will continue to have access to Insights.

Under the new licensing regime, Insights users will require the following:

  • A Creator user type (formerly a Level 2 user) or GIS Professional user type
  • Publisher or Administrator role, or the equivalent custom role
  • An Insights license

Users who wish to view Insights pages, but not use Insights, will require the following:

  • Any user type
  • Any role with at least the privileges from a Viewer role
  • An Essential Apps Bundle

For more information on who can view shared pages, see Share a page.

Quick lessons

The three quick lessons have been updated with new workflows. In these lessons you will follow a single scenario from start to finish. You will start by creating your first workbook, then solve a spatial problem, and finally share your analysis. Each of the lessons can also be done on its own without the context of the other lessons.


The ArcGIS Blog has new posts about Insights. Use the Insights for ArcGIS tag to find news and tips for using Insights. The ArcGIS YouTube channel also includes an Insights for ArcGIS playlist, which can be used to find other helpful tips.