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Share a model

A model is a visual recording of the steps in your analysis. In Insights, models are created automatically as you work, so you can focus on exploring your data and performing analysis, rather than creating a model.

Access and share your model

A model records your analysis steps on a workbook page, including adding and joining datasets, spatial analytics (such as spatial filtering), data analytics (such as attribute aggregation), and styling. You can edit, use, and share a model to automate common analytical tasks. Models can be viewed by clicking the Analysis view button Analysis view.

Use the following steps to share your model:

  1. Click the Page options button Page options on the page with the model you want to share. You can do this from either the Page view or the Analysis view.
  2. Click Share As Model. The Share As Model window opens.
  3. Provide a title, description, and tags for your model.
  4. Choose who you want to share the model with. You can share your model with your organization, certain groups, or everyone.
  5. Click Share.

Once your model has been shared, an Insights model item is created in your ArcGIS Enterprise portal. The Insights model item can be accessed to rerun the analysis.


Any member of an organization with Administrator privileges will be able to access all models created by members of the organization whether they have been shared or not.

Change the shared status

Shared models are saved as Insights model items. The status of the model item can be changed using the Share button Share for the item on the home page.

For more information, see Share your work.