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Share a site

Sites can be shared with the team, the organization, or publicly.

Once a site is shared, site administrators can access the site's dashboard to monitor how many people have viewed the site over time.

Adjust how your site is shared

You can change how your site is shared at anytime.

  1. Sign in to the Hub administration application.
  2. Click the Sites tab to open the Site Manager.
  3. Find the site you want to share from the list of available sites. The three icons next to your site's name enable you to set the visibility of your site:
    • Share with the team- select the first icon to share the site with members of your team. Team members must sign in to access the site.
    • Share with the organization- select the second icon to share the site with everyone who is a member of your ArcGIS Online organization.
    • Share with the public- select the third icon to share the site publicly.

      It's recommended that while you're creating your site you share it with your Hub team or your Online organization until you're ready to open your site to the public.


Trial subscriptions cannot make their sites public.

Monitor dashboard

Track the performance of your site by monitoring the site's views to understand how your content is trending over time. The dashboard shows both the number of views and sessions for your site, as well as a chart to display view counts based on a specified date range.


If you want to monitor engagement for an initiative site, you can access the site's dashboard from within the initiative. For more information, read the Monitor initiative documentation

Views refers to the number of time your site has been viewed and Sessions refers to the number of individuals who have viewed your site, regardless of how many times they've visited. For example, if the same visitor views your site a total of seven times within the selected date range, they will account for seven views and one session.


View counts can be affected by visitors who are using an ad blocker.

  1. Find your site by clicking the Sites tab and opening the Sites Manager.
  2. Click Site Capabilities.
  3. Click the Dashboard tab.
  4. Click the drop-down menu under Filter by date range.
  5. Select a date range to display views and unique views.

Telemetry may be delayed by a few minutes before appearing.