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Manage site capabilities

There are a number of capabilities that you can add or remove to your ArcGIS Hub site. This gives you greater control over your site's functionality. Within your site's Capabilities tab in the Hub admin app, there are both standard options and beta options for you to enable or disable.

Standard Options

The standard capabilities are fully developed and stable options for your site.

Geohash Visualization

The geohash capability will create a gridded density visualization for your large datasets. The visualization will appear when the number of features for the particular dataset is too large to display at once on the map. As users zoom in, the visualization changes to direct users to the feature locations. Once the features can draw on the map, the visualization is replaced with the feature geometry. It is highly recommended to keep this capability enabled.

API Explorer

The API Explorer is another tab on your dataset pages which gives your users an integrated way to explore the Geoservices API, generate queries, and access the responses. Each dataset is backed by this API.

Document iFrames

If you have PDFs or other document links, like Word documents or external URLs, this capability will display their content within the Hub site. If this option is disabled and users select document links on your site, the content will open in a new tab or download in the browser.

Beta Options

The beta capabilities have ongoing development and may have some bugs or other issues.

Local Projections

Enabling this capability will cause shapefiles to be downloaded in their native projection, rather than the default of WGS84. This feature has known accuracy limitations.


Allow users to view dataset comments, and allow signed in users to write comments on your datasets. This capability is only available for organizations with a full Hub license.

Private Item Views

Allow signed-in users to view any ArcGIS item they have access to, whether that item is public or private.