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Add data to your site

From the Groups Manager tab, you can select groups that contain the public data you want to be accessible through your site. Remember, the data in your Hub site comes from groups in ArcGIS Online that you or others have made available for Open Data.

You can search groups to add to your site by scrolling through all available open data groups.

  1. Within the Hub admin app, navigate to the Groups Manager tab on your site.
  2. Once you find a group, click Add to add the group to your selected open data groups.
    Once you add a group, any supported public item from that group will be available on your site. If you do not want an item to be part of Hub, make it private or only shared to your organization or groups not designated for open data.
  3. To remove a group from selected open data groups, click Remove next to the group name.

    Your changes are automatically saved.