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Initiatives overview

An ArcGIS Hub initiative organizes people and data around a project or goal with solutions for sharing information and events, a site for displaying content, and a team to create and manage it all.

Start an initiative

To create a project or goal that's unique to your organization, opt for a custom initiative, or get started with predesigned solutions by choosing an initiative template, such as reducing homelessness, increasing community pride, or sharing open data. No matter which you choose, both options enable you and your team to do the following:

Share solutions

Solution templates can be any combination of apps, events, sites, and pages that you and your team configure to share information related to your initiative. Every initiative automatically gets an initiative site so that you can share your solutions internally or publically in one convenient place.

Source data

Configure solution templates, including web maps, dashboards, and story maps, using your own open or private data, Living Atlas data, and data shared by your collaborators. Get started by browsing for open data, or upload your own by enabling open data capabilities in your primary ArcGIS Online organization. You always have the option to choose which data and content to keep private.

Join your community

Anyone can be invited to join the initiative team. From staff working within your organization, to external community members, such as business partners, non-profits, academics, and engaged citizens, you can align resources with a team of trusted collaborators to contribute to your projects and shared goals.

Connect with your community

People can create a community account to become a member in the Hub's community organization, take surveys with identity, and be invited to join the initiative team as a trusted collaborator.


Use the initiative site to keep everyone informed. With a selection of drag and drop cards to help you design your site's layout, you can visualize data with maps and charts, embed videos and social media feeds, display a gallery of apps, events, and related pages and sites. With the option to follow initiatives and events, people can receive relevant notifications and email.


Make informed decisions with feedback from your community. Add events to bring people together to generate ideas, discuss solutions, and gain insight. You can also share surveys to crowdsource information anywhere, anytime. Then, share what you learn to the initiative site.


Work together to share data, configure solutions, manage events, and maintain initiative sites and pages with the ability to collaborate with your team. Ensure that your collaborators are working on the right content by assigning them the appropriate privileges with custom roles.