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Gallery, Previewing, and Joining Initiatives

The initiative gallery allows you to preview each initiative and browse the various applications within each initiative. Once you have found a relevant initiative, make it your own by joining it.

Initiative Gallery

  1. Click Initiatives in the primary navigation within the ArcGIS Hub administration application.
  2. Click Initiative Gallery in the sub-navigation.
  3. Browse the various cards of initiatives. Click Details to read the initiative descriptions.

Preview an Initiative

View initiative contents before you decide to join one.

  1. Click Preview on your initiative of interest.
  2. View the potential solutions (website, story map, application, survey, etc.) in the initiative. Each solution is represented by a card.
  3. Click Preview on a solution card to preview the specific solution.

Joining an Initiative

Make the initiatives your own.

  1. Click Join this initiative beneath the initiative banner.
  2. Enter a name for your initiative.
  3. Click Next.
  4. Wait while your initiative is created. This does three things:

    Create a group with update capabilities in ArcGIS Online under the initiative name. This is used to permit designated teams to work on initiative content.

    Create an open data group in ArcGIS Online under the initiative name. This is used to collect data relevant to the initiative.

    Create a Hub Initiative item type in ArcGIS Online. This is used to track details about the initiative and its solutions.


    Do not remove any of these items directly from ArcGIS Online. Delete your initiatives using the Initiative Manager.

  5. Inside initiatives there are groups of content. To activate content, click Configure on the app. If the app does not require any data, this will create the app items in ArcGIS Online.If the app does require data, proceed to Configuring Application Data.

Some users may not have access to all initiatives. To join an initiative you must be an Administrator in your organization.