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Configuring Application Data

Some application configurations require you to add your own data. If the application requires data, you will see an Add data button underneath the application title.

Get started

  1. Click Add data to launch the Data indicators window.
  2. Inside the window, you will see the app requirements listed. Each data indicator corresponds with a specific set or piece of data required. Examples of data are feature services, map services, strings, dates, and more.

Selecting Datasets

  1. Underneath the indicators section, click Select Data.
  2. Find a match for the requested data. For example, if the indicators asks for parcels data with a zone attribute, then you need to find a dataset that meets those requirements. You can search your organization to find the corresponding data.
  3. Click a dataset title. This will expand a panel on the right where you can preview the data in ArcGIS Online.
  4. Click Select to choose this dataset.

    If your data has issues, then you may see an error during this step. Common issues include:

    • the wrong data type - the geometry must match the application requirement
    • the service is not responding
    • the service is not available over HTTPS
    • the service is secured with a token
  5. Select a layer in your service that matches the requirements.
  6. After selecting the layer, you will be returned to the original screen.
  7. Match the application's required fields to fields from your dataset. Click Match Your Attribute to select a matching attribute from your data.
  8. When all attributes are set, you will see Done light up at the top of the screen.
  9. Click Save and Close to exit.

Configuring an application

  1. Once all indicators are provided, click Configure App. This will create a version of this application using the data you provided. The application is created as an item in your ArcGIS Online organization.
  2. The card will update to reflect the new application.
  3. Click View to see the newly created application.
  4. Click Add Another to create another copy of the template.