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Specify groups for Hub

The data on your Hub site comes from groups in ArcGIS Online that you or others have made available for open data and that you have selected for your site. To make a group and its data available for open data, you can edit an existing group you own or create a new one and share your data with everyone (public) and with that group.

Data supported by Hub

The data described in the following sections is supported by Hub.

Feature Layers

Hub supports Feature Layers from ArcGIS Online Hosted Feature Services, as well as ArcGIS for Server Feature and Map Services with the Query capability enabled. Once these feature layers are shared with Open Data groups, consumers can export this content as CSV, KML, shapefile, and JSON.


ArcGIS Hub supports non-spatial tables that are part of feature or map services. When you publish an ArcMap document that contains a table, the data is either copied to ArcGIS Online if hosted, or connected to your data source if published to ArcGIS for Server. The standalone tables appear in Hub if the service is shared in an open data group. Optionally, individual tables can be added as Feature Items to ArcGIS Online (so you can provide specific metadata about the table) by specifying the individual table by URL when adding an item from the web.

CSV files

CSV files that you have uploaded to your ArcGIS Online Organization are be accessible as open data. When shared to a group with open data access enabled, CSV files will be searchable in your Hub site and can be filtered on, charted, and exported to CSV or accessible as JSON.


Only comma-separated values (CSV) files less than 5MB are supported at this time.

Image Services

Raster data and aerial imagery can be shared in ArcGIS Hub as an image service. Image services must have fields to be added to ArcGIS Hub. Users can export the image as a PNG, JPEG, TIFF, or as a GeoService.


ArcGIS Hub does not support raster layers within map services.

Web Maps

Web map items from ArcGIS Online can be added to Hub, found in the search results, and viewed within the site.


Microsoft Office documents and PDFs can be shared in ArcGIS Hub. These documents appear in the search results and can be viewed within the site. Users can click on their title and the documents will download in the browser.

External URLs

External URLs can be added to ArcGIS Online as a Document link. These links will appear in the search results but do not have their own dataset pages on a Hub site. Users can click on their title and will be directed to the external URL in a new tab.

Designate groups for open data use

To make groups available to Hub, complete the following steps:

  1. Verify that you are signed in and have privileges to designate groups as open data.
  2. Open My Groups and create a new group. You can also edit an existing group you own.
  3. In the status section, choose Public, check the option to designate as available for use in Open Data sites, and click Save.