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Design tools

GeoPlanner allows you to sketch, paint, import, modify, and delete design features. These tools help you create plans and designs within multiple scenarios. These tools are also collaborative so you can work with multiple stakeholders and gather input from different sources.

The Design toolbar contains editing, drawing, and painting tools. You can also undo and redo changes and activate or deactivate snapping on this toolbar.

Design tools

The Design toolbar has three associated toolbars:

  • Edit—Select a feature on the map and display the Edit feature toolbar.
  • Draw—Open the symbol palette and display the Drawing tools toolbar.
  • Paint—Update existing features to a feature type selected in your symbol palette. You can update by single click or by sketching a rectangle or polygon.

Edit feature toolbar

The Edit feature toolbar allows you to perform common editing tasks against features in your map. It enables when you click the Select tool and click on a scenario feature on your map or when you select features using the Multi—Select tool.

Edit feature toolbar

Supported operations include:

  • Cut
  • Copy
  • Paste
  • Delete
  • Edit Attributes
  • Calculate


Allows a user to update a selected attribute for multiple features at once. You can also cut, copy, paste and delete features selected by the Multi—select tool.

Using the Multi—select tool, you can move features in bulk. Select the Move Features button Move Features to move items in bulk.

You can combine two or more polygon design features from a layer into a single feature by using the Merge tool. The layer with the base title will be the first layer you selected. The rest of the selected layers will merge into this one.

Drawing tools

GeoPlanner has several drawing tools to help you sketch and design. All drawing tools are located on a toolbar. This toolbar displays when you click the Draw tool.

Drawing tools

You can sketch and design using the following tools:

  • Draw point—Draw a point at a mouse click on the map.
  • Draw freehand polyline—Draw a freehand polyline following mouse movement on the map.
  • Draw polyline—Draw a polyline following mouse clicks on the map.
  • Draw freehand polygon—Draw a freehand polygon following mouse movement on the map.
  • Draw auto-complete freehand polygon—Draw a polygon that appends to the boundary of an existing polygon by following mouse movement on the map.
  • Draw polygon—Draw a polygon following mouse clicks on the map.
  • Draw autocomplete polygon—Draw a polygon that appends to the boundary of an existing polygon by following mouse clicks on the map.
  • Draw shape—Draw a circle, ellipse, or rectangle.
  • Split—Divides a polygon or polyline by sketching a line through it.

Paint tools

Paint tools allow you to quickly propose an alternative to an existing scenario feature by clicking on it or lassoing it. Use the paint tools when you have existing scenario features and want to rapidly envision changes to a plan or existing conditions.

Paint toolbar

The following paint tools are available:

  • Paint by click or rectangle—Allows you to paint a single feature by clicking on it or paint multiple features by clicking and dragging a rectangle.
  • Paint by lasso—Allows you to paint multiple features by sketching (or lassoing) a polygon.