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Esri Demographics is available across the ArcGIS platform, offering a comprehensive set of global demographic and spending data for mapping and analysis purposes. Esri Demographics can be accessed through web maps and GeoEnrichment services—which include infographics, data enrichment, and reports—as shown in the following examples:

Map it

Web maps with Esri Demographics can be used to pan, view, and zoom in on geographic levels and provide a color-coded thematic representation of the demographic data.

Chart it

Pop-up infographics—small, dynamic charts and reports—are a new way to provide information about the locations in your map.

Enrich it

Utilize Esri's wealth of data collections to add value to your business data. Add demographics and lifestyle data directly to Excel spreadsheets, and get more context about the locations that are important to you.

Report it

Esri Demographics can be found in a multitude of presentation-ready reports and maps. Select from a wide variety of existing reports, or create custom reports to meet your marketing needs.