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Configure ArcGIS Server to use the source document directories on Data Appliance for ArcGIS collections


You need to do this before you publish the World_Imagery service.

ArcGIS Server 10.3, 10.3.1, 10.4, 10.4.1, 10.5, or 10.5.1 maintains a list of folders in which it can find file geodatabases. If you are publishing the World_Imagery service for World Standard (on Collection D), World Advanced (on Collection E), North America Standard (on Collection G), or North America Advanced (on Collection H), you need to explicitly add the Data Appliance 6.4 for ArcGIS collection source document folders to this list.


You do not need to perform this step if you are publishing the World_Imagery service for Collection A (World Basic).

If you publish the World_Imagery service for Collection D (World Standard), E (World Advanced), G (North America Standard), or H (North America Advanced) before you perform this step, you will not be able to view Imagery Citations.

  1. Log in to ArcGIS Server using the Data Appliance 6.4 for ArcGIS data account with administrator privileges.
  2. Start ArcGIS Server Manager and log in using your ArcGIS Server account.
  3. Click the Site tab.
  4. From the View menu on the left, click Data Store.

    Image of Data Stores dialog

  5. Click the Register drop-down arrow and select Folder on the right below the Data Store description.
  6. Provide a Name, for example, Imagery Citations.

    Register Folder dialog

  7. In the Publish Folder Path, use \\OriginalServer\source_documents\data.

    You do not need to specify a Publish Folder Hostname.

  8. For Server Folder Path, uncheck the box next to Same as publisher folder path and provide the path to the source_documents\data folder on the Data Appliance for ArcGIS collection you made when you created shares, for example, \\ARCGISDATAAPP\Collection<X>_source_documents\data where <x> is the letter of the collection you created shares for.
  9. Click Create to register the folder.