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World Shaded Relief

World Shaded Relief basemap

Map Service Name: World_Shaded_Relief

Description: Description: This map is in mature support; this is the last release of Data Appliance for ArcGIS that will include the World Shaded Relief map. See ArcGIS Product Lifecycle Support Policy for more information on mature support.

This map portrays surface elevation as shaded relief. This map is used as a basemap layer to add shaded relief to other GIS maps. It is especially useful in maps that do not contain orthoimagery. The map resolution (cell size) is as follows:

  • 30 meters for the United States
  • 90 meters for all land areas between 60° north and 56° south latitude
  • 1 kilometer resolution above 60° north and 56° south

The map provides coverage for the world down to a scale of ~1:72k. The shaded relief imagery was developed by Esri using GTOPO30, Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM) and National Elevation Data (NED) data from the USGS.

Attribution: Copyright © 2016 Esri

Coordinate System: Web Mercator Auxiliary Sphere (WKID 102100)

Tiling Scheme: Web Mercator Auxiliary Sphere

Map Service Data Format: Map server cache in JPEG format