World Light Gray Reference

World Light Gray Reference (Canvas Map)

Map Service Name: World_Light_Gray_Reference

Description: This map provides labels for selected cities, towns, and neighborhoods around the world in support of the World Light Gray Base map. This map was compiled by Esri using HERE data, DeLorme basemap layers, MapmyIndia data, GIS community data, and Esri basemap data. The map includes worldwide coverage from ~1:591M scale to ~1:72k scale. More detailed nationwide coverage is included in North America, Europe, Africa, South America and Central America, the Middle East, India, Australia, and New Zealand to be fully consistent with the World Street Map and World Topographic Map down to ~1:9k scale. Data for Pacific Island nations from ~1:288k to ~1:9k was sourced from OpenStreetMap contributors. Specific country list and documentation of Esri's process for including OSM data is in OSM Data Usage in Esri's ArcGIS Online Basemaps (PDF).

This map includes similar coverage to the World Light Gray Base map. View the World Light Gray Base coverage map for more information.

Attribution: Sources: Esri, DeLorme, HERE, MapmyIndia​, © OpenStreetMap contributors, and the GIS community

Coordinate System: Web Mercator Auxiliary Sphere (WKID 102100)

Tiling Scheme: Web Mercator Auxiliary Sphere

Map Service Data Format: Map server cache in PNG32 format