World Dark Gray Base

World dark gray basemap

Map Service Name: World_Dark_Gray_Base

Description: This map service draws attention to your thematic content by providing a neutral background with minimal colors, labels, and features. Only key information is represented to provide geographic context, allowing your data to come to the foreground. This dark gray map supports bright colors, creating a visually compelling map graphic, which helps your reader see the patterns intended.

The map shows populated places, water, roads, urban areas, parks, building footprints, and administrative boundaries. Alignment of boundaries is a presentation of the feature provided by our data vendors and does not imply endorsement by Esri or any governing authority. This map was compiled by Esri using HERE data, DeLorme basemap layers, MapmyIndia data, and Esri basemap data. The basemap includes boundaries, administrative labels, and major roads worldwide from 1:591M scale to 1:577k scale. More detailed coverage is included in North America, Europe, Africa, South America and Central America, the Middle East, India, Australia, and New Zealand down to the 1:9k scale. Data for select areas of Africa and Pacific Island nations from ~1:288k to ~1:9k was sourced from OpenStreetMap contributors.

In addition, some of the data in the World Dark Gray Base map has been contributed by the GIS community. You can contribute your data to this service and have it served by Esri. For details on data sources in this map service, view World Canvas Map Contributors (PDF).

As illustrated in the coverage map below, worldwide coverage is provided in World Standard (down to ~1:9k) and World Basic (down to ~1:72k); regional coverage is provided in North America Standard (down to ~1:9k). The World Dark Gray Reference layer includes similar coverage. View the coverage map to learn more about the levels of detail:

World coverage for World Dark Gray Base map 6.2

Attribution: Sources: Esri, DeLorme, HERE, MapmyIndia, © OpenStreetMap contributors, and the GIS community

Coordinate System: Web Mercator Auxiliary Sphere (WKID 102100)

Tiling Scheme: Web Mercator Auxiliary Sphere

Map Service Data Format: Map server cache in mixed cache format