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What's New in Community Analyst

The latest release includes the following enhancements:

New options when using a point layer in Suitability Analysis

When a point layer (e.g. competitor layer) is one of the selected criteria in Suitability Analysis, you can now also specify distance to nearest competitor location, and attributes from the competitor layer as the variable in the analysis, in addition to the previously available count of points.

Improved visualization and organization in Comparison Reports

In New Comparison Reports, more informative visualizations are now available for multi-variable charts, and when specifying one of the locations as a benchmark against which to evaluate the other locations. You can also more easily organize and find comparison report templates.

Create Custom Variables from your own data

When creating a custom variable, you can now use your own data variables brought in using the Custom Data Setup workflow.

Improved experience for adding ArcGIS content

It is now easier to find and add web maps and layers from ArcGIS Online which includes: content you own, content from your organization or groups, content from Esri's Living Atlas, and content that is publicly available. Enhanced filtering, sorting, and search options now provide an improved browsing experience similar to that in ArcGIS Online.

The added content now appears under the new Web Maps and Layers section in the Project panel.

Additional customization options in Infographics

  • Create custom age pyramids. For example, use the Population by Age distribution variables for France and create an age pyramid to understand male and female population distribution by age in one view.
  • Use text attributes from your own data in reports and infographics. E.g., include the text-based parcel land use information in custom reports and infographics and put it together with numerical data (e.g. demographics) aggregated for your sites.
  • Use negative values in charts. E.g., visualize demand and supply using positive and negative values for them respectively.
  • Set up minimum and maximum range values for gauge charts.
  • Export and save drill-down panels as images.

Data Updates

The latest release has many data updates, including the following:

  • Michael-Bauer Research (MBR) data update to 2017 vintage for Western European countries including Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, UK, and 2016 vintage for Oceania, Carribean, North Africa, and Sub-Sahara African countries.
  • Advanced data updates from Nexiga in Germany and Esri Japan.
  • More information can be found at the Esri Demographics page.