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What's new?

Collector for ArcGIS releases with enhancements and fixes. This topic lists the changes made in releases over the last year.

Current release (Android, iOS)—18.0.2

Collector for ArcGIS 18.0.2 was released on Android and iOS with various bug fixes and improvements, including the following:

Current release (Windows)—18.0.1

Collector for ArcGIS 18.0.1 was released on all platforms. With it, you can do the following:

Previous releases

What was new in previous recent releases of Collector for ArcGIS can be found below.


Collector for ArcGIS 17.0.4 was released in October 2017 on Android and November 2017 on iOS to address bugs. Windows remained at 17.0.3.


Collector for ArcGIS 17.0.3 was released in September 2017 on iOS and Windows and in October 2017 on Android.

Require a 95 percent confidence interval

When doing data collection, Collector allows you to specify the accuracy you require to use the GPS to collect locations. By default, the accuracy of the location is calculated using root mean square (RMS). RMS gives a level of confidence of 63 percent to 68 percent for horizontal accuracy, and 68 percent for vertical accuracy. Your organization might require a 95 percent confidence level. With this release, you can specify that requirement in Collector and your required accuracy will use a 95 percent confidence level.

Get positions from Trimble Catalyst

Trimble has introduced Catalyst, a new subscription-based software GNSS receiver, and Collector can now get locations from it.


Android only

Pass collection information through the URL scheme

When using the custom URL scheme to open Collector through another app, a website, or an email, you can now include information to start a collection. Pass information about the layer to add a feature to, as well as particular attributes and the values to assign to them. Visit the collector-integration GitHub repository for details. Workforce for ArcGIS integration also supports starting collections.


Android and iOS only

Use Managed App Configuration with ArcGIS Enterprise

Streamline your app deployment by pushing the URL of your ArcGIS Enterprise portal through your mobile device management (MDM). When your users open the app, they'll see the OAuth screen from your portal.


Android and iOS only

Get various bug fixes and improvements

In addition to all the new features, issues have also been addressed. Of note are the following fixed issues:


Collector for ArcGIS 17.0.2 released in June (Android) and August (iOS) to address a couple of bugs. Windows remained at 17.0.1.


Collector for ArcGIS 17.0.1 was released in June 2017 on all platforms. It includes support for Bosnian (Android and Windows only), Hindi, and Indonesian.

Use GPS averaging

When doing high-accuracy data collection or updates, you may want to capture a number of positions and create a location from their average, and Collector now supports this workflow. Turn on GPS averaging and set the number of points required, and during data collection the location won't be collected using the GPS until that number of points is recorded. This can be used for point features, as well as for the individual vertices of lines and polygons. For details, see Enable GPS averaging.

Rename attachments

You can now rename your attachments to make it easier to identify them. Add the attachment (such as a photo or video) and then change the device-specified name, replacing it with a meaningful name. For example, if part of your inspection requires you to photograph an asset from all directions, you can name your photographs by the direction so that others using the data know exactly what they are seeing. For details, see Rename an attachment.

Use basemaps from an SD card

To make it easier to use large basemaps and to support faster deploying of data, Collector can now access basemaps stored on the SD card. Preload your SD card or download basemaps to the SD card using the app. You'll be able to use those basemaps across your maps in Collector. For details, see Can I save my downloaded basemaps to my SD card rather than my device's internal storage? and Use basemaps on your device.


Android only

See data update according to your map layer refresh intervals

When your data is regularly changing, you want to see the latest data before doing collection work. Maps allow you to set a refresh interval on the layers, specifying how often the layer updates, and now that setting is supported in Collector. For details on setting up the refresh interval, see Set refresh interval (ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Enterprise).


Support is new for Android and Windows. It is already supported on iOS.

Continuously collect and copy features in more scenarios

Collector improves collection of multiple, similar, or identical features in two ways: through copying an existing feature and through a continuous collection mode that starts a new collection with each submission. Previously, these convenient time-saving and error-reducing workflows were restricted if using a map with layers in a relationship. With this release, they are supported on all layers without relationships and on the parent layer when relationships are present, independent of other data in the map. See Copy an existing feature and Collect multiple features efficiently.

Get various bug fixes and improvements

In addition to all the new features, issues have also been addressed. Of note are the following fixed issues: