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What's new

The latest release includes the following enhancements:

Watch this What's New video to see the exciting changes in action.

2017/2022 U.S. Demographics and data updates

  • 2017/2022 estimates and projections for U.S. demographics, daytime population, consumer spending, market potential, business data, and more.
  • View more information about a variable with the info icons in Data Browser.
  • MBR data updates for 34 countries primarily in Asia and the Middle East. Learn more about specific data variable and report changes.

Historical traffic information

Use the Add historical traffic layer option in the Tool palette to map historical traffic counts data and visualize traffic patterns in the U.S. Sourced from Kalibrate, this data shows traffic volume by the number of vehicles that cross a certain point of a street location. You can visualize different traffic counts including daily and weekday counts. Filter the mapped data by count values, year of count taken, road type, and street name. Use styling and display choices to view and interpret the traffic data more effectively.

Use new mapping options to visualize data

Leverage additional mapping options that you use in other parts of the ArcGIS platform. You can create color-coded maps as easily as you have always been, and in addition the Business Analyst web app now also supports Smart mapping options options that make it even easier to create beautiful maps. Use proportional symbols, improved categorical mapping, and additional styling options as part of the color-coded mapping workflow. Also added is the capability to create color-coded maps using two variables.

Save and reuse Suitability Analysis criteria

You can now create your suitability criteria once, save it, and reuse it for any set of locations.

Infographics improvements

The custom infographics workflow has several enhancements that will help you make even more professional and beautiful infographics. These include new PDF and dynamic HTML export options, a more immersive full screen viewing mode, better control over layout using additional merge and resizing options for panels, additional custom icons, a guided tour to help users learn the workflow, additional starter templates, and chart editing tools.

Customize the Business Analyst web app using your company’s branding

You can now use theme options to customize the look of the application. Add your own logo, change the app title, and apply a theme color of your choice. These options will be available only for ArcGIS organization administrators to help them roll out an app that reflects their company’s branding.

Other improvements

  • Custom data setup workflow now allows you to select multiple variables and more easily configure data categories.
  • Creating a PDF or image of mapped business locations and imported points now includes site labels.