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What's new

Available with Business Analyst license.

The latest release includes the following enhancements:

Use Validation on Location Attributes

  • When creating a project, specify constraints to project site attribute values. For example, the number of parking spaces for a prospective location must be 100 or more.
  • Business Analyst Web and Mobile apps will apply the validations specified for the project.

Add Other Users to Projects

  • Add individual users or all the users in your organization to your projects.
  • Users added to your project can simply access and use the content in your shared project and won’t need to recreate it.

Insert Maps in Custom Reports

When building a custom report, you now have the ability to insert a map. E.g. the location of your site or any other web map such as a map of all competitor locations.

Compare Information for Multiple Sites Interactively

  • Interactively build comparison and benchmark table and charts.
  • Include sites, neighboring geographies, data variables, and statistical values (i.e. average and median).
  • Configure them by dragging and dropping rows and columns and quickly create the desired comparison.

Improved Run Reports and Infographics experience

  • Easily run reports and infographics for sites from multiple projects or on the map.
  • You can now run infographics from the Reports tab.

Enhancements to Suitability Analysis

  • Prefilter locations that don’t meet specific criteria, to exclude them before running suitability analysis. For example, say you have a layer of potential building locations that you are evaluating. You can first prefilter to exclude buildings that fall in undesirable zoning areas and then run suitability analysis.
  • Save your suitability analysis as a layer, and reopen and modify it later.

Enhancements to the Build Infographics experience

A partial list of the improvements:

  • Use a new Executive Summary infographics template
  • Use site attributes (e.g. building area, number of parking spaces) in infographics
  • Use picture charts to make your charts more visually appealing
  • Align elements in infographic panels more efficiently
  • Add free floating background images and text

Retain attributes for created sites

Retain location attributes when creating sites from a saved locations layer (business search, imported file, or web map). Learn more.

Data Updates

  • Nexiga Data for Germany is now updated to 2017 vintage
  • MBR for New Zealand, South Africa, and Puerto Rico is now updated to 2016 vintage