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Uploading a project

Available with Business Analyst license.

To make an existing Business Analyst Desktop project available to Business Analyst Server, upload it to the server using the Upload Project wizard in Business Analyst.

To perform this task, follow these steps:

  1. Start a session in ArcMap.
  2. In Catalog, click Business Analyst Repository.
  3. Right-click the project to be uploaded. Click Upload Project...
  4. Select the project you want to upload.
  5. In the Upload Project check the items you want to upload.
  6. Select the project items you want to upload.
  7. In the Select Business Analyst Server drop-down list, enter the link to the Business Analyst Map Service to where you want to upload the project. Click Connect.

    For help, place the mouse pointer directly over the URL field and a dialog box appears with information.

  8. In the Authentication dialog box, enter the credentials of a user that is a member of the publisher role for ArcGIS Server.
    Upload authentication

    See Managing roles in Manager for more information.

  9. Verify that the items you want to upload have been checked as well as the project to where you want to upload.

    Supporting files are not project specific. You aren't required to pick a project to upload.

  10. Click Upload.

ArcCatalog creates a server version of the project on the specified server and the Business Analyst Server application can use this new version. The upload is complete.